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adult caning masters london - Two Friends Enter Underground Adult Cinema

At the London Sessions in November Mr A.J. Lawrie ordered several young men to receive 25 strokes of the birch for "frequenting Hyde Park with an immoral purpose". In November one man received 30 strokes of the birch for living on the earnings of a . And at Bellington Academy the headmistress has her work cut out. Hardly a day goes by without some form of correction to a deserving bottom proving necessary. Accurate, stinging caning is a speciality as she strives to develop the highest standards not only in the young ladies, but also the teachers at Bellington.

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Precision caning. Caning is commonly a feature of spanking films, often as a final sharp punishment to drive a lesson home to the miscreant in whatever scenario is being enacted. There really is nothing quite like the sting of the cane in my experience. 39 thoughts on “ ANATOMY OF A CANING – no pain, no gain ” Clive 29th January I understand what everybody is talking about. What compels me to endure the extreme pain of the cane? I always get excited leading up to the day of the caning but once I am there, I get very tense and once my pants are down and I am strapped down to the caning bench with my bare .