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We report a case of adult Coats disease secondary to a branch retinal vein occlusion. Angiograms show the relationship of the peripheral telangiectasis, aneurysm formation and vascular incompetence to the peripheral retinal ischaemia. The possible role of vascular remodelling in the pathogenesis of this uncommon complication of a common Cited by: Adult onset Coats’ disease is a rare, idiopathic and exudative retinal vascular disease without an inciting factor and with slow progression. It frequently occurs in males and is typically unilateral. Localized lipid deposition and hemorrhage around macroaneurysms are often present.

If Coats’ disease affects the centre of the retina (macula) or leads to total retinal detachment in the affected eye, vision in this eye can be permanently lost. The amount of vision lost is dependent on the location and extent of the retinal detachment and this is something the ophthalmologist will be able to discuss with parents. Coats’ disease is a form of retinal telangiectasia with lipid-rich subretinal exudates. It is mainly a disease of childhood and only on rare occasions has it been described in adults. In adults, it typically has a more insidious clinical course. ICited by: 1.

Coats' disease is an idiopathic, ophthalmic condition characterized by retinal telangiectasis, intraretinal and subretinal exudation, which can lead to retinal detachment. Coats' disease is characterized by retinal vascular telangiectasia and subretinal and intraretinal exudation. A relatively benign form of the disease that occurs in adults is referred to as adult-onset Coats' disease. Involvement of macula in the form of macular edema and exudation are the common presenting features in both forms of the by: 3.