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Active Adult Communities include single-family homes, town homes, cluster homes, manufactured housing and multifamily housing. There are two types: age-restricted and age-targeted. Age-Restricted Communities are specifically aimed at persons age 55 and older. Active adult communities are real estate developments that offer independent, relatively maintenance-free living to residents aged 55 and over. In “age restricted” active adult communities, 80% of homeowners must be 55 and over, while “age-targeted” communities simply market to the 55+ crowd.

Use of the word “adult” or “adult community” in an advertisement, sign or other informational material, or when describing the facility or community to prospective renters or purchasers or members of the public, does not demonstrate an intent to be housing for older persons as defined by the final rule. Apr 07,  · Some active-adult communities will market themselves as an ideal living situation for seniors, but that doesn’t always guarantee the association limits the age of its residents, or it may only.

Definition of "Adult community" Susan Ferra, Real Estate Agent People's Choice Realty Housing projects specifically designed to meet the community needs of the increasing number of individuals who are largely retired, having no small children. While age-restricted communities must be in compliance with both their state and federal laws, there are exemptions which let them legally limit the age of their residents. When the subject of active adult communities comes up, people commonly wonder whether age-restricted communities are actually legal.