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If you are looking for the best adult couples-touch / ballroom dance instruction school in Indianapolis Look no further. Five Star Dance Studios is the largest adult dance studio in the Midwest and, having been established over forty years ago, we continue to provide the best dance lessons for dancers of . “Show Her Off” Living Room Dance Class is a website that provides inexpensive couples dance instruction videos to teach you sexy, fun and romantic dance moves right in the comfort of your own home! Dancing together is the perfect date night! Show Her Off Living Room Dance Class is a simple and easy way to learn to dance as a couple!

Start from the basics and learn how to dance a full couples dance sequence! Learn a slow & romantic dance and an upbeat & energetic dance. Two programs to choose (Level 1 & 2). Try it for a month, or stick to a weekly dance schedule and use this program as your practice guide! Adults who want to learn to dance, whether to prepare for a wedding or to meet new people, often enjoy taking dance lessons from an experienced dance instructor. Instructors may offer classes one-on-one to individual students or couples, or to small groups. The national average cost for a dance instructor ranges from $30 to $

Dance Class Spokane provides the finest partner dance lessons in Spokane and the surrounding region. We specialize in Ballroom, Latin, Swing and more! Whether you’re a complete beginner or have taken lessons in the past, we tailor all of our services to the unique needs of each and every dancer.