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Alcohol: Adult Alcohol Use Dashboard Wisconsin ranks second in the nation for adult binge drinking. 1 This dashboard shows trends in adult alcohol use and binge drinking. Howdy Health consists of health related programs, such as Walk Across Texas!, created by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service that encourages healthy eating and physical activity.

The Vulnerable Adult Protection Dashboard is an interactive dashboard hosted on Tableau Public that explains what happens after reports of suspected maltreatment of a vulnerable adult are made to the Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center (MAARC). The Adult Open Investigations Dashboard provides a visual map of the current number of open investigations to determine if an adult is vulnerable and if abuse or neglect occurred. This map contains key demographic stats (Investigation Time Open, Age Range, Gender, and Race) and the ability to .

The Priorities for Adult Learning dashboard compares the future-readiness of countries’ adult learning systems in seven dimensions: i) urgency, ii) coverage, iii) inclusiveness, iv) flexibility and guidance, v) alignment with skill needs, vi) perceived training impact, and vii) financing. This “Dashboard Report” is an at-a-glance informational resource on utilization and performance of the new adult homeless services system launched Oct. 1, The new countywide system is focused on housing outcomes, with coordinated entry as a gateway to services.