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While many know green tea as a healthy drink that hydrates and soothes the soul, this drink does even more good than you may know. Green tea contains a high level of polyphenols which are believed to prevent certain types of cancer like breast cancer and prostate cancer. Studies suggest it can also help reduce sharp increases in blood sugar. Celebrate the season with these essential summer cocktails. From frozen drinks to icy margs and tropical mixed cocktails, there's something for every mood, party, and holiday this summer.

Bring a touch of the ghoulish to one of the classiest Halloween drinks for adults with the help of dark rum, dry vermouth, black olive and orange sugar. Stir the rum and dry vermouth into a chilled martini glass that has been rimmed with orange sugar. String the black olives into a toothpick as garnish. For the adults, choose between rum, tequila, or vodka cocktails. Since you don't want your little goblins to miss out on the holiday fun, throw together a fizzy, fruity, or creamy mocktail for the.

From Cola drinks to cream soda and root beer, there's something refreshing for every palate. Alcoholic drinks. Get ready to party with popular alcoholic beverages that come in a wide range of types, flavors and strengths. Our selection of adult drinks has everything from beers and wines to spirits and liqueurs. 9 best soft drinks for adults. Off the booze? Try these alcohol-free alternatives that score highly in the taste stakes. Stacey Smith. Friday 30 September Article bookmarked.