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adult education job description - This is Bradys Woo Collection - READ THE DESCRIPTION

Job Description As a Special Education Teacher at The Menta Group, you will have the freedom and ability to educate a small classroom of students in a self-contained setting /Special Education Certification or Other Teacher Certification (Non-Substitute) Must be flexible in the ability to teach multiple grade levels as student. An adult education master's degree is often a prerequisite for human resources managers, who aid in the execution of job site training and the development of skill-teaching workplace programs.

Adult Education Coordinator CAMPUS:Campus Wide STATUS:Full Time (Exempt) DUTIES: The Adult Education Coordinator is responsible for improving the quality of education in the classroom by developing curriculums, training teachers, and implementing adult education programs at OFTC. A temporary vacancy exists for an Adult Education Teacher to work with adult students who need instruction in basic academic skills, self-maintenance skills, arts .

Mar 04,  · Adult education instructors work with adult students to help them master new skills or fine tune old ones. Adult education instructors can find employment at a . As an adult education teacher, you will often work evenings and weekends, though not normally any public holiday or Sunday. Full-time positions in this job sector are not easy to find. Most adult education positions require you to work part-time at community colleges and community organizations or teach night classes for a few days a week.