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AB 86, which tasks colleges and adult education systems with developing regional plans for adult This plan is intended to guide the further growth and development of DVC’s Workforce Development Program Plan, Technology Plan and Professional Development Plan. Feb 02,  · Objective 4. Improve the education and skill levels of Kentucky Adult Education students to prepare them for careers and/or postsecondary education. Strategy Attract, retain, and prepare highly effective adult educators. Strategy

making adult disciples. DISCIPLESHIP PRINCIPLES Six general principles can help in designing a discipleship program. 1. Plan with the end in mind. Determine what characteristics you believe are marks of a maturing disciple. 2. Evaluate current spiritual maturity. Determine where persons are now in their spiritual journeys. 3. Design a Size: 50KB. Adult Basic Education, High School Equivalency classes; Want to register for a Career and Technical Education class, leading to certification and job placement? You may need to give a social security number or other documents to verify your identity. I am years old. This page says Adult Education is for ages 21+. What do I do?

Apr 07,  · Education for adults and children is actually vastly different. If you’re considering going back to school and furthering your education, it’s important to know how adults learn and the strategies to help you become more successful in your education. Discover the theories behind adult learning and how they can help you in your higher education. Maryland Adult Education Teacher Self-Assessment is a companion guide to the Maryland Adult Education Follows the program accountability plan that includes a system for secure record Meets learners where they are and fosters their potential for change and growth.