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The average adult human heart weighs about grams in men, and about grams in women. The size and weight of the heart varies directly with the size and weight of the person. However, the heart of a professional athlete is heavier since it has more muscle but there is a very slight change in volume. The authors, therefore, propose establishing a reference range for heart weight in men, much like those in use for other laboratory tests including hemoglobin, hematocrit, or glucose. A reference range (95% inclusion) of to g for the adult male human heart is by:

Chicago model for post-mortem classification of cardiomegaly. The calculations below take a body’s weight, size, age and gender and calculate the upper limit of normal for heart size, based on a reference population of 3, traumatic death cases aged 0 to 40 years in Cook County, Illinois from to We define cardiomegaly as any heart with a weight at autopsy that exceeds the 95th. The weight ranged from to kg (79 to lbs) with an average weight of kg ( lbs). The majority of the decedents (86%) died from either ballistic or blunt force (including craniocerebral) injuries. Overall, the heart weights ranged from to g with an Cited by:

Aug 04,  · The average weight of a man’s heart is 10 ounces, and the average weight of a women’s heart is 8 ounces. The average heart rate for women is 78 beats per minute, and the average heart rate for men is 70 beats per minute. The heart is located under the rib cage, between the lungs and to the left of the sternum.