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This clinical guideline focus on the care of adult patients with tracheostomies following an episode of critical illness, but also those patients that are in the community with tracheostomies and get readmitted to the acute hospitals. There is a separate guideline for paediatric tracheostomy care. Feb 27,  · The Bivona ® Adult TTS™ tracheostomy tube provides multiple features in one design. The cuff, when inflated, creates a seal between the tube and the trachea, protecting against aspiration and optimizing respiration. When the cuff is .

Tracheostomy Care There are five major steps to learn in providing effective tracheostomy care. These are: 1. Skin and stoma care 2. Humidification 3. Changing the tracheostomy ties 4. Loosening and suctioning of secretions 5. How to deal with emergencies Skin and Stoma Care Taking care of the skin around the tracheostomy is one of the mostFile Size: KB. BAA Adult Trach Care Closed Suction System Kit for Tracheostomy, T-Piece with 15 x 22 mm Swivel Adapter, 14 Fr x cm: 20/CS.

The Mount Sinai Health System wants to assist you in understanding the care, equipment, issues and maintenance involved with a tracheostomy. The information herein will serve as a guide. The nurses, doctors, and therapists at Mount Sinai can help you better understand the information and skills that are described. Aug 06,  · Ask your doctor for specific directions on the care of the tracheostomy. Deborah Weatherspoon, Ph.D, MSN, RN, CRNA Answers represent the opinions of our medical anuses.xyz: Brian Krans.