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Mar 09,  · Most people have their tonsils taken out as children, but occasionally, an adult ends up requiring the surgery. People always say that's better to get your tonsils taken out as a child; this is mostly because adults tend to experience more complications from the surgery and during the recovery. Mar 30,  · Tonsillectomy Recovery Time Although tonsillectomies are often thought of as a child’s surgery, many adults also need this surgical procedure. Recovery for adults can take up to two weeks, even longer in some cases. This is about the same as it is for children, although children do tend to bounce back more quickly than adults.

Thus as an adult, you need to fight for at least weeks to completely get rid of the problems/effects caused by tonsillectomy surgery. During this 3 weeks, one needs to prepare themselves for a number of problems which include – Fever, Nausea, Extreme bad breath, painful white scabs, and even bleeding at times. Care after adult tonsillectomy. By ted2shred | 4 posts, last post over a year ago. and I am still not fully recovered. I am back at work, but I tire out much faster (I have a physical job too, so it's a bit of a pain!) and I STILL have a sore throat - although nothing like it was. I spent 10 days on the sofa, and ate little else.

The first few days after a tonsillectomy, most adults need to begin with a clear liquid diet. Clear liquids include items such as water, apple juice, gelatin and popsicles. After tolerating clear liquids, the person can move up to a full liquid diet. Full liquids include items such as cream soups, yogurt and ice cream. Throat and ear pain can be severe after a tonsillectomy. Take regular doses of pain medicine as prescribed. Tylenol or the prescribed narcotic pain medicine should be taken as instructed. 24 hours after your surgery, you may add ibuprofen for pain control. NO Aspirin or other blood thinners are to be taken for 2 weeks after surgery.