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Sep 04,  · 23 True Confessions From Married Women That'll Make You Say, "Just Whoa." To have and to withhold? "That it doesn't really hurt to keep sex . I think it’s totally hot! I think anything that makes your p**** wet and happy is good! It could be a pillow you hump, a dog’s big wet tongue lapping at your armpits, nipples, c***, slit, and butt hole, another woman’s p**** hotly scissor grinding on yours, your own man beautifully thrusting in you, or a dog jack-hammering into you spurting copious amounts of c** up into you.

Dec 14,  · Confession # 02/28/ I want to run away and leave the mess that the deaths of my family has left behind. My grandfather molested me from a little girl and my parents and other family members told me it was my problem that I had to deal with and never discuss it with anyone ever, that I needed to keep it to myself because I was going to ruin my father’s . Aug 16,  · Commented Aug 18, by anonymous “That's not a bad idea, but they'd need to know that was the intention of the boycott. As i've said before, the site runs off advertising revenue, if hits on the site reduce, then the advertisers may pull the plug.