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XL condoms are the "King category" of prophylactics featuring an array of extra-large sizes from multiple brands. Condoms like Durex XXL with a 64 mm base, accommodates even the largest sizes. If that size seems a bit too much to fill, Durex XL has a . Sep 02,  · Condom sizes can vary across manufacturers, so what’s "regular" to one brand may be "large" to another. This chart can help you find the right fit for your Annamarya Scaccia.

64 rows · Jun 11,  · Condom size chart* Navigation: Small condoms; Regular size . If you are looking for a roomy, extra large condom.. the Trojan Magnum XL, Big Boy or Durex XXL is the condom size for you. Have fun and be safe. If you need help with determining your large condom size, visit our condom size chart for advice NEW - Kimono Micro Thin XL Condoms from $ $

Jan 20,  · Condoms come in many shapes and sizes. Finding the right fit is important for both safety and pleasure. Learn about condom brand sizes, and how to choose the right size. In general, condoms are available in snugger fit sizes, standard sizes, and large (XL or XXL) sizes. How to Read the Condom Size Chart This condom size chart is broken down by first introducing the condom brand and name, along with a brief description of that particular condom.