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anger management and ld in adults - Sexy Ebony and White LD

• Anger management programs in which participants are taught techniques for coping with anger-provoking situations are effective and useful in decreasing the expression of anger by clients with intellectual disability. Anger in Intellectual DisabilityFile Size: KB. learning disability, so their goals and understanding of the implications of the referral might differ from those of the referrer (Rose et al, ). This is particularly true when the presenting problem is ‘anger management’ since others’ concern about risk.

The Adult Anger Management Curriculum is designed to give participants an opportunity to practice skills that will allow them to positively control their behavior and the events in their lives. Through activity enhanced components, individuals learn to successfully control their emotions and channel their energies in a positive direction. These guides contain information to provide parents, guardians, and concerned adults with a simple, effective way to help children handle their anger. This constructive skills in the anger management guide can last a lifetime and provide benefits in group activities, school, friendships and many other situations. Pack:

A group of independent psychological practices offering state-of-the-art, evidenced-based assessment and treatment for children, adolescents, familes, and adults. At Triangle Center for Behavioral Health (TCBH), we strive to provide you with evidenced-based treatments that are tailored to you as an individual. With anger management and other treatments, you can get your anger under control. Last medically reviewed on February 4, Medically reviewed by Timothy J. .