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Dick Cheney's Incest Joke Irks West Virginian Lawmaker. Close. Posted by. u/twolf1. 11 years ago. Jun 09,  · It turns out that West Virginia officials did protest the vice president’s remarks. Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd lamented Cheney’s evident “contempt and astounding ignorance toward his own.

Jun 03,  · Dick Cheney shot his mouth off yesterday about my home state of West Virginia, and ended up shooting himself right in his bullying ass. The video is at left (via AP), and it’s a harmless enough. Oct 29,  · Dick Cheney is regarded as one of the main articulators and architects of the Bush administration. Descriptions of him include "eminence grise", the "most powerful vice president ever" and even "Darth Vader", a reference he has picked up himself.

Dick "Dick" Cheney, the Batman villainesque architect of a needless imperial war who is responsible for hundreds of thousands of needless human deaths, got together with some of his pals this week. Jun 02,  · It's funny, with all the faux outrage from Republicans about supposed Democratic insensitivity to West Virginia, it turns out the insensitive one is Republican.