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eletric car and fetish - PANTYHOSE LEGS CAR RIDE

The Fetish is an electric car and therefore draws its power from batteries rather than from gasoline. Like most recent electric car designs, the Fetish uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The battery array weighs pounds ( kilograms), nearly one-third the weight of the entire car, and contains individual batteries. Venturi is a Monaco-based automotive anuses.xyzd in by French engineers Claude Poiraud and Gérard Godfroy as MVS (Manufacture de Voitures de Sport), the company's purpose was to compete in the "Grand Tourisme" was only the most recent post-war attempt at building a sporty luxury car in France, following in the footsteps of Facel Vega, .

The world’s first electric sports car Launched in , the Fétish is the very first electric car designed by Venturi, and also the first electric sports car anywhere in the world. With its sports performance, electric powertrain, cutting-edge technology and avant-garde design, the Fétish is emblematic of everything that Venturi stands for. The Venturi Fétish was an earlys two-seat limited-production electric sports car. It was built by Venturi in Monaco, and the design of the car was done by the Parisian designers Sacha Lakic. It holds the title of being the first electric sports car in history.

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