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Eye contact, also known as oculesics, and facial expression are important aspects of communicating with an audience, providing important social and emotional information. The eyes can indicate interest, attention, and involvement with audience members, while failure to make eye contact can be interpreted as disinterest. Appearance predicts behavior in surprising ways—some of the time. Testosterone and estrogen influence facial development as well as behavior. An equally subtle cue is the eye's limbal.

May 07,  · Saccades are the eye movements made to receive visual information and shift the line of vision from one position to another. We rely on the accuracy of saccades every millisecond of our lives. Nov 27,  · How to Judge a Person by his Face, Eyes and Behavior Comprehending body language will bring about closer relationships and help in judging a person. Facial characteristics and features speak a lot about a person, so far that you can judge people by just looking at their face, eyes and observing their behavior.

Blinking the eyes, clearing the throat, and facial flushing are innate (inborn) signals. These are often involuntary, as are, for example, facial expressions of happiness, surprise, anger, disgust, and other basics emotions understood by people in all cultures. Laughing, crying, and shrugging the shoulders are examples of mixed signals. suggested that the facial expressions of an emotion are not developed Facial expressions/eye behavior are added to the other nonverbal areas.