Mistress unlocks his cock - jeff cooper carry cocked and unlocked


jeff cooper carry cocked and unlocked - Mistress unlocks his cock

Aug 21,  · Most of us use the terminology created half a century ago or more by Col. Jeff Cooper, the man some called “the high priest of the ,” and refer to cocked and locked carry as “Condition One.” Many experts believe that carrying the with the hammer cocked and on safe is the most effective mode of carry. Nov 05,  · According to Cooper, there are three conditions in which you can carry your pistol. For the safest and most effective way to carry any single-action, semi-automatic pistol, Cooper taught students to carry in “condition one” or “cocked and locked.”.

Aug 23,  · Jeff Cooper had already determined that a part of the Modern Technique of the Pistol was the “heavy-duty self-loading pistol” — at that time, it was the Colt Government Model (or Commander) in ACP, carried in “Condition One” — chamber loaded over a full magazine, hammer cocked and thumb safety anuses.xyz: Rich Grassi.