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pregnancy and facial swelling - Alexa B, swell.

Apr 01,  · What causes swelling during pregnancy? Edema (or swelling) in the hands, feet and ankles is very common (especially during the heat of summer). Puffiness in the face and neck can also occur—especially after the 20th week, says Andree Gruslin, interim chair of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Ottawa and Ottawa Hospital. As pregnancy progresses, fluid may accumulate in tissues, usually in the feet, ankles, and legs, causing them to swell and appear puffy. This condition is called edema. Occasionally, the face and hands also swell. Some fluid accumulation during pregnancy is normal, particularly during the 3rd trimester.

Jun 13,  · According to the American Pregnancy Association, normal swelling occurs during pregnancy in the hands, face, legs, ankles and feet. It is usually most severe in the last trimester of your pregnancy, reports Apr 27,  · Slight swelling is expected during pregnancy; however, if you experience sudden swelling in your hands and your face, it could be a sign of preeclampsia. It is important to contact your health care provider about any sudden swelling. What can you do to treat swelling?